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Ned Smelly – Outlaw Stuck in Iron Suit

TARGET READERS: Children 5-9


‘In a time of tall ships and blacksmiths,
In the middle of the Australian scrub,
There once lurked a group of misfits,
Who lived by the law of the gun.’

Ned Smelly really wants to be a bushranger. So he gets Blind Patty the blacksmith to make him a suit of iron. But the armour gets stuck and Ned gets hot and smelly.

Now he is famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

Delirious from heat exhaustion and his own smell, Ned is tormented by a talking dingo, run down by a team of bullocks, struck by lightning and chased by the law. Fate places a sick old man on his path and Ned must decide whether to prove himself to his family or save a group of settlers.

In the end Ned chooses his true path. All he asks for in return is a giant can-opener and a hot bath.





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Ned Smelly - Oulaw Stauck in Iron Suit




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