Q: Do you sell PRINT versions of your books?

A: We sure do. You can buy them right alongside the eBook editions at the Amazon store or go to the Createspace Author estore to purchase the paperback directly from the author.

Q: What the blazes is an Indie Author?

A: ‘Indie’ is short for Independent. It’s not a new thing. Think, ‘Indie Musicians’, ‘Indie Film makers’. Put it this way: when you buy a painting, song, or book, isn’t it amazing to know you have got it straight from the artist? Here’s a link to Joanna Penn's , The Creative Penn. Joanna explains it better than me.

Self-Publishing And The Definition Of An Indie Author by Joanna Penn

Q: Why can't I download a 'fixed layout' eBook from Amazon for my Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle for PC?

'The Diary of Geoffrey Blip' is 'fixed-layout content'. What does this mean? I'll let the good folk at Amazon explain:

"In order to provide readers with the best possible experience, fixed layout books are currently only available on Fire, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad, and Kindle for Android. (This eBook is) unable to open ... on the Kindle Paperwhite device, and Kindle for PC."

Q: Do you publish other author’s stories, or just your stuff?

A: I’d love to help other authors and artist one day, but at the moment I’m flat chat producing my own stories and illustrations.

Q: Did you eat your vegetables when you were a kid.

A: I hated green peas with a passion! But I still ate other vegies - eventually. (I still hate peas.)





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